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Why Light Box Signs?

Light box signs are illuminated display units made to illuminate an image with the use of fluorescent tubes or LED's. Illuminated light box signage is based on the fact that our eyes are attracted to light. Therefore effective visual communication of signage is increased by the addition of a light source.

Light box technology

Light box signs can either be back-lit or edge-lit depending on your requirements. We also manufacture a range of lockable light box signs which prevent tampering in high traffic areas.

Images can be printed on high quality transparencies which will guarantee brilliant colours and perfect detail for many years to come. We offer a large format printing service specifically for any type of light box signs.

Light boxes delivered all over Australia

We are able to safely courier our light box signs to all the major cities in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide) as well as every town in all the states (NSW, Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland, etc.).

You can also browse our product menu on the right to learn more about many of our popular products such as our poster frames, light boxes, poster hangers, a-frame signs, etc.

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